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Secret to getting better at Jiu Jitsu #BJJ #Jiujitsu

By Jon Santos - Posted on 02 November 2017

A question I get asked a lot is whats the secret to get better fast at #BJJ .I always tell people the secret is "Not giving up" If you were to walk into pretty much any school and find some of the top People there .If you asked them about their travel to that point in Jiu Jitsu "How did you get good" most would answer "Training lot's of training" showing up when many stayed home or went out. Double day's ,taking notes,asking questions,entering tournaments,Healthy living ,Diet,exercise,stretching,yoga,journal etc. All could be answer you receive. I always say "Just Train" a Black Belt is a White Belt that never gave up!! Thanks for reading Ive trained for 23 years now and still learn something new everyday. ..Oh one word I forgot #Humble always stay humble

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Jon Santos

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