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100% Real

By Jon Santos - Posted on 10 March 2018

Been a while since I had a chance to add to the website. First off thank you to all of our student's all of our Parents that help out. Team Santos Jiu Jitsu is what I like to call my #jiujitsufamily. I never got into teaching to make $.Kids asked for help garage gym was created 2006 been teaching people ever since. Came out to San Ramon over 12 year's ago taught my program at Harding tae kwondo later going solo.

If you want a real gym with real People running it not trying to squeeze you like a fruit come join the Team. We are the oldest running Jiu Jitsu school in the San Ramon area.We take People feom zero to Hero! You want to compete in mma,self defense,weight loss we got you
#bjj #jiujitsufamily #bereal

Jon Santos