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Random thoughts always shoot from the hip and be a good Mentor

By Jon Santos - Posted on 04 May 2019

Being a good Mentor is something you can't fake you can't pretend. I've always tried to the best of my abilities to be a stand up Guy a Real Coach/Friend someone you can count on during the highs and the lows. Thank's to Jiu Jitsu #bjj I have been given the chance to help other's. My Academy was never opened to make money like a lot of the one's you see now. I started teaching for Free in my garage back in the day trying to help some of the People who could Not afford the monthly dues and were looking for some direction. We started with class every Tues/Thursday in my Garage and it transformed into 14 plus. After a while with help from my Graciefighter Friends the group started getting really good. I decided it was time to test the skill at the Gracie Open.

Many of our Garage fighter Team placed and won Gold. After two year's one of our own was cross training in San Ramon at a local #Taekwondo school that had a BJJ program and he submitted every student there. Next the call came and asked if I would be interested in teaching at a School. All these Year's later we I say we because it is a group effort have achieved so many high's. We have a wonderful group of Kid's and a great group of Adult's that Train hard and push each other everyday . We still charge the lowest rates in town and have developed long standing relationships #jiujitsufamily with some of the highest success in BJJ/MMA

MMA some of our teammates wanted to compete I told them make sure you have a career or a stable job MMA doesn't pay. I pointed them in the right direction and have they have achieved amazing result's reminding me of the original Cesar Gracie gym 1995. I have never pushed or wanted People to fight but if you are I will support you 100% and try to help to the best of my ability. Big Thank's to Gilbert Melendez my old school Graciefighter Teammate. He owns the El Nino Training center located in S.F. CA. We made the Team Santos Jiu Jitsu / Skappack connection and the rest is history. #sanramonjiujitsu #jiujitsusanramon #danvillejiujitsu #MMA #Castrovalleybjj